You're early.

Loop is new, but our team isn’t.
We’ve been working with founders and their brands for years.

We built Loop with two goals in mind:
  1. Challenge ourselves creatively.
  2. Receive compensation in exchange for various goods and services.

Our work is focused on:

  • Video Production
  • Live Interactive Media
  • Brand Marketing
  • Social Content
  • Stunts

Why should you work with us?

Because we know how to make people care about what you’re doing.

Produced Emmy Nominated daily interactive shows with as many as 2.3 million concurrent viewers. Directing guest hosts like The Rock, Jimmy Kimmel, Awkwafina, Kevin Hart and Elmo.

HQ has been touted by media as the future of live tv, an office phenomenon and an internet obsession.

Led all elements of SIMULATE’s marketing including brand, social, influencer, and PR. Grew the TikTok to over 270k followers while maintaining an engagement rate of over 10% — far above the industry standard.

SIMULATE’s marketing strategy has been featured in AdWeek, The Verge, Glamour, and was showcased as a “brand to learn from” by Sprout Social.

Founded a new content department to develop brand positioning and original creation for Citizen. Grew the team from 1 to 6 while utilizing the treasure trove of user-generated content to create viral TikToks (over 10M views in 3 months) and produced a daily live interactive show (pushed to all 10M+ app users).

Other brands we've worked with include...

MSCHF  •  Adult Swim
The Onion  •  Schitt’s Creek
Super Deluxe  •  Dunkin’
Rooster Teeth  •  Pop TV  •  Vine
Quip  •  Harvard Lampoon

Let's get to work, hit us up.